Reviews from customers

  • We thrive on attention to detail, our keen eyes and dexterous skills are factors that contribute to the delicious cuisine that we want to share to the community.

  • Our passion for making dumplings come from our drive to see our customers' happy faces.

  • We want to bring you the authentic flavors of our Chinese culture in the form of dumplings.

  • Our dumplings are painstakingly hand-crafted daily from scratch by our dedicated chefs. Each dumpling is hand-rolled to be thin-skinned and contains more filling to satisfy your taste buds.   

  • Every item on the menu is made with the freshest ingredients.

  • Our restaurant is located at 228 S Citrus st. West Covina, CA 9179; it is easy to come by and it is a great family restaurant to bring your family over to enjoy the amazing food.





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