Our Story


Our Main Chef, Mr. Feng, has the enthusiastic heart of making delicious authentic Chinese food. As his family missed their hometown food, he created his own recipes. He would love to see his family and friends enjoying his delicious homemade food.


With his passion in the food industry, Mr. Feng decided to start his business and let more families enjoying his authentic Chinese food. Mr. Feng specializes in varieties of dumplings: Xiao Long Bao, pan-fried dumplings, steamed dumplings, and wonton, etc. Different types of dumplings are made by unique skills and cooking recipes. All the cooking ingredients including vegetables and meat, are freshly selected every day. All the dumplings are hand-made. All dumplings are juicy and flavorful. What’s more, Mr. Feng creates different special sauces to enrich the flavor of each dumplings. Thumbling! We want our customers enjoy our thumbs-up dumpling!


Not only Mr. Feng makes delicious dumplings, he is also skillful on cooking diffirent Chinese cuisines. Thumbling is awarded as authentic Chinese restaurant in the West Covina area.